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Details of Links with Other Universities and Industry

 The Department maintained its links with Texas Instruments Inc. (TI).   Under this linkage    programme, the Department has enhanced its VLSI curriculum powered by a VLSI laboratory, which is equipped with industry standard VLSI design software (Cadence) tools generously supplied and maintained with the support of TI and National Instruments. The laboratory is actively used in teaching and research. This completes the first (capacity building) phase of the linkage. In this laboratory, students have successfully designed two integrated circuits (ICs) for fabrication—the first of its kind produced in sub-Saharan Africa using Cadence tools.

 Again this year, Texas continued to support two final year students to do their final year first semester studies at Texas A & M University. Plans are also under way for some students to be encouraged to take the VLSI course here in the final year next year. These students are to be awarded scholarship to study at the graduate level at Texas A & M University after their National Service.

The Department continued its collaboration with the VRA, ECG and GRIDCO.

The Department took delivery of instruments from Denmark. Additionally, a training workshop on embedded systems has been organized for our third-year students, and two more are in the offing. All these are being actively supported by Aarhus School of Engineering Student Chapter of Engineers Without Borders in Denmark and Professor Carl Jakobsen. Also planned under this linkage is a three-month training for one laboratory technician.

Links have been maintained between Department of Computer Engineering and the following institutions:

  • North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University NCA&T,
  • Southern University, USA
  • University of Toulon, France.