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Doctor of Philosophy


Candidates applying for Doctor of Philosophy degree must have a Master’s degree or its equivalent from a recognized Institution and shall submit evidence of adequate training and ability to undertake the proposed programme.

Duration of Programme

Unless otherwise stated,

Ph.D Programmes (Full-Time) are of Three (3) Academic Years and (Part-Time) are of Four (4) Academic Years duration

APPLICATION FORM POINTS OF SALE: All Ghana Post Regional and Designated Post Offices



The Department of Computer Engineering currently offers PHD programme. The students on this programme currently focus their research in areas which include optimisation of efficiency of earth electrodes, applications of ANN to power systems, application of RNS in bioinformatics, digital signal processing, economics of VLSI testing, sensor networks, surface plasmon resonance, smart metering, and product design and development for local applications.  In the area of product development, prepayment meter, designed and developed by staff and students of the Department for local application, was improved upon. Many embedded systems applications development are underway.