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The Department of Computer Engineering would like to welcome you to our website. Computer Engineering is a discipline involved in the technological transformation of our world as we see now and beyond. Computer engineers embed computers in other machines and systems, build simple and complex data networks to transfer. Computer Engineers also develop numerous ways to make computers faster, smaller and more capable. For computers to be able to “see” and “think”, the computer engineer is indispensable. 

Computer engineers use many of the principles and techniques of electrical engineering and many of computer science. Computer engineering, however, is more than a blend of two other fields.

The major technical areas of Computer Engineering are:

  1. Networking and Cybersecurity
  2. Design automation
  3. Machine intelligence
  4. Computer software
  5. Biomedical
  6. Embedded Systems

We appreciate your interest in the programs being offered in our Department and we look forward to helping you to experience the core of emerging engineering technology.